Wednesday, August 31

GF Cereals

UPDATE: As of August 2011, General Mills has not moved their Kix manufacturing to their gluten-free site, so their lawyers will not allow them to label the product Gluten-Free. I hope the FDA changes to the g-f ppm ratings will alleviate the legal mumbo jumbo that makes me wonder if "made in a plant that also..." is only liability speaking.

I found no gluten ingredients on the label so I am going with my own pre-2006 labeling rules that if it doesn't have a identified gluten ingredient, I'm eating it.


Sorry for the bad pun.

Reality Bite: Also, I have no qualms about using my friend's g-f kid who immediately projectile vomits anything g-f. He is a great g-f litmus test.

First posted 7-27-09 Has it been two years--FREEEEAKKKYYY!!!

GF KIX? TODAY my sister just bought me Kix, regular and new Honey flavored. From the label, I find that there is no ingredient that indicates wheat or gluten. YAY!!!! Hurray for General Mills!!!

What's for breakfast? For brand-new GF'rs the total conundrum is what's for breakfast? See the previous post "I Just Want Cereal!" What kinds of cereal can we eat? NONE with MALT!!!! Typically Malt comes from barley and that has gluten! So here is my newest updated list of cereals from the standard store shelves. General Mills (hear the hallelujah chorus in the background?) has a new line of GF cereals,

CHEX, rice, corn, and new flavors Honey Nut, Chocolate, and Strawberry. These boxes say gluten-free right on the front and they are wonderful, (except for the chocolate and strawberry which taste like jello covered saltine crackers.)
I am not a sugar fiend first thing in the morning, so I love this wheaties-type cereal called
MESA SUNRISE by Nature's Path. It's filling and slightly sweet.

Once again, rice krispies were a favorite, but are a complete no-no. So, I have tried several krispy rice cereals and while Barbara's is good, Erewhon's is better.

These last three are available at most good health-food stores, and more and more, the mainstream grocery stores are carrying GF Foods.


Karen said...

Hey thanks for the heads up on Kix cereal, we didn't know about that one! Trix cereal is also GF and a big favorite for my kids.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI. I was in the store, read the package and called General Mills with the box in hand to inquire about Kix. I was told that the product was not GF.

Terina Dee said...

YIKES! Thanks for the heads up! I'll check it out!