Monday, February 9

Crunchmasters Crackers & Tuna Salad

I'm loving these crackers and they are available on and off at Sams Club. If you see them, buy them. They are my new staple.
I hope you feel the same way.
Today I'm serving them with tuna salad and a hummus dip.
1 can solid white tuna
1/4 cup mayo
dash seasoning & onion salt
1 stalk celery finely chopped
1/2 cup green grapes, diced


Neko said...

I love them as well and chose Costco over Sams Club. I'll have to find a Sams Club member until you come to visit again.

Monique said...

My favorite crackers as well! My whole family loves them!

Terina said...

Yum! Monique, I tried to get a non-Gf friend to try them but they were too expensive! Remember, GF doesn't mean gluten-free it means gourmet fare. And I found them comparatively cheap!