Saturday, January 17

The Whole Hoppin John story

Hoppin John  -- a healthy and delicious new year Gluten Free Tradition

My Mom-In-Law is a gourmet dabbler in delicious recipes and our best traditions are potluck feasts!  Every year there is a delicious gastroephipany as she introduces me to a new taste sensation!  

This is where I first reveled in Onion Pie, (most delicious)

and as a newly married, it is also where I rejected the family traditional favorite--Dead Cat Pudding.

(As animal lovers, I question the name of the last dish. Just suffice it to know that the presentation an appropo moniker.)

Shortly after we married, Mom-I-L became a vegetarian (and the husband thought my father was a freak! Ha!) and so, long story short (Oops!) the holidays are a miraculous wonder of gastrophany!

Anyway, freaky story, both she and I made hoppin john, unbeknownst to each other for this years New Years Feast (Did I mention that we are only able to eat again a full week later, but once again, the second feast's spread rivals that at the Ritz!) And, it was delightful. Her variation was ham and baconless, yet delicious and both were licked up to the empty pot.

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