Thursday, September 18

GF Breakfast FAST!

GF ideas for breakfast? I'm stuck in the muffin rut because the batch makes enough for lunch too. So I'm treking into the unknown, I can now make:

Muffin Cake (muffin mix in a coffee cake pan)
Muffin Crepes (muffin mix poured into a crepe pan)
Muffin Patties (you can guess!)
Muffin Porridge (That's when the kids insist I might be pushing it!)

I've got to take a drastic detour onto the path least followed!

Thinking of the idea is the hardest! So here are mine (that I've now taped inside the kitchen cupboard):

Cold Cereal (I call it Flaked Gold, and with my boys, a box a day is conservative)
Hot Cereal, Mighty Good Cereal by Bob's Red Mill (YUM)
Grits, With enough cheese and butter, grits aren't the least bit gritty.
Scrambled Eggs and cheese on wrap bread (baked and frozen, then toasted)
Country Hashbrowns (cold boiled potatoes grated with peels on and fried in olive oil)
Ham Fried Rice, (ham and eggs with onion in rice)
Yogurt and fruit (homemade is best) See latest recipe on blog.

Thus far, none of these can be rewrapped for lunch at a school without a microwave.

If you have more GF ideas, please comment! The tummies are rumbling.

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