Thursday, June 19

Traveling with CD

"Ah, Geeliaac! Ya, Ya."

"These Italians know their pasta and serve it gluten-free!" My children's response was ecstatic as they ended two weeks of traversing Europe in the pasta capital of the world.

From the first day, my daughter reported, "Europe knows celiac. No education necessary--no blank looks like in American restaurants. The offerings are still slim in cheap, mainstream student-frequented food joints, but they know their celiac.

The oft response in England was "Ah, a salad? Or meat and a potato?" And the things they deem appropriate as a potato topping?

France feigned indifference. "No bread? Baaahhhh, they dismissed as if to say, "What life is worth living without bread?" But, that's France.

The teenaged daughter and son wandered in Europe without ghastly gastro consequences in relative ease thanks to the Triumph dining cards, translated in language of origin. They handed over the appropriate card and waited to see what the staff would suggest.

They said breakfasts were the hardest. Baguettes were prolific throughout the entire continent, not just France and they resorted to fruit from a grocer most days.

The upside, they can now say, "No bread," in four different languages.


Neko said...

so cool that it worked out for Ian in Italy.

valgae said...

Hey girlie!! Ed and I laughed at the french.....he went to Paris on his mission. Sounds like funnnnnnn!!!!!!!