Tuesday, April 5

Zucchini Noodle Salad


I'm joining the Sisters for an autoimmune improvement month.  The month of April is dedicated to the improvement of gut health and I'm excited to begin.  

As I've said before, all five of us have celiac disease and a diverse collection of other autoimmune diseases.

We've also been diagnosed with Krohns, migranes, lupus, symptoms of RA and a really rare and complicated auto-immune disease called  ‪#‎cryoglobulinemicvasculitis‬ that requires an expensive round of chemo often to try to improve those nasty symptoms.

Since the eldest of us has turned 50, our health is getting worse, so we thought we'd try a food solution.
Here we go. It's a thirty-day adventure and so I'm in for a month of great eating while I explore this food philosophy.  

Today I fixed Dr. Ann Myers' Zuccini Noodle Salad and it was surprisingly light, flavorful and good.  I served it with grilled wild salmon and cilantro cauliflower riced.  Turned out delicious.

I can recommend the recipe highly.


So as I learn what I can eat and what to avoid, I've brothed all kinds of bones and I have a cooler in the garage filled with fresh produce until the college-bound guy eats all the cheese, milk, orange juice, eggs, and g-f cookie dough out of the fridge.  I urge him on... I NEED MORE SPACE.  

Reality Bite:  I probably need less cookie dough too.

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