Sunday, September 27

Amazing gluten free Thai spicy Eggplant

In the mood for Fall Stirfry?

You know when you get the urge to bring home every weird veggie you see at the fall farmer's market... And then the insanity passes, and you have all these weird veggies sitting on your counter?

We gotcha covered! Here's an amazing eggplant recipe that isn't bitter, slimy, tough or stringy. 

Hey!  And that's hard to achieve from eggplant.  

The secret to good eggplant is soaking it in salt water. Soak it, cut, for at least an hour and up to 8. Rinse really well and pat dry before using. 
Throw some veggies together. We used green beans, red pepper and onion. Those stringy white things are amazing Enoki mushrooms from the Asian market. For protein, pick any ground meat or firm tofu (if you use tofu and don't drain and pay it dry, I disinherit you).

As with all things good, start with hot oil and a ton of minced garlic (I used about 8 cloves). Add a chopped onion and then, when it's translucent, the protein. 

You may need to separate to two pans at this point. If your stir fry outgrows its pan it will become stir steam slop instead of stir fry sear mm mm delicious. So your choice ;) 

The eggplant and green beans need a little longer than the red peppers, so plan accordingly. 

Now douse the whole thing in a mix of fish sauce, soy sauce (GF!!), sriracha sauce and lime juice (about a one part fish sauce, 2 parts soy sauce, 1 part  sriracha and 2 parts lime ratio--or to taste!). Sprinkle a teeny bit of sugar or dash of honey and stir.  

Add green onions and sesame seeds for kicks. 

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