Saturday, May 23

Mom and Daughter Dynamo!

When two  g-f cooks get back together in the same vicinity we are a force with which to be reckoned!  While the daughter and granddaughter were visiting, we toiled, boiled, baked and muttered and made some magnificent concoctions!

This was a sweet chili garlic sauce with turmeric in cornmeal fish skillet fry.  The topping is a chopping of dill, cilantro, onion sauted wilt.  And the bed is a rice with cilantro, lemon pepper mix.

We didn't follow any recipe, so good luck on ya to repeat this one.

Some of the creations were actually memoralized digitally so watch out.  I think the best was the two-can channa masala that opened my tastebuds to some magnificent Indian food.  Delish!

Delightful experience and the grandbaby is already a FOODIE BOSS!

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