Thursday, May 19

Mix n Mingle Food

I'm going to another ladies potluck Mix-n-Mingle today. I love visiting with great women who are of such unique and diverse experience who are also diverse in their food offerings, Everyone brings such wonderful dishes to share. It's a bonus, when I garner great recipe ideas too.

Today, I'm struggling for such a dish, should it be an entree, dessert or bread? I'm flinging ideas out and hitting the all-recipe wall on the blog site. Can I possibly google something that will keep them agog?

I'm not a person who goes for the tried and true, so it is going to have to be something new and different to me, or possibly tweeked.

Apple Cranberry Pecan Muffins - made with dried apples and cranberries and pecan meal. I haven't made those before, have I? Could have, but I've slept since and therefore, consequently forgotten.

Hmmm and a good salad... tuna, quinoa, apples, on spinach with a sweet basmati dressing? Sounds delicious.

The ideas are coming.

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