Tuesday, May 17

Gluten Free in Hong Kong

The newest comment from the gluten-free girl in Hong Kong. It is music to a Mom's ears.

"I am food shopping again, having totally forgotten how to hunt and gather for myself in the last five months of automatic dinners provided at the Mission Training Center, and by Aunt Shelly. While relearning the basics of food procurement, I've been totally overwhelmed by Hong Kong's offerings. I have tasted fish balls, coconut pudding with red beans (not a favorite), tofu skin (thin sheets of bean curd), almond crisps, (which are sweet and yummy), burned bbq pork over rice, fruit salad with black beans, hard candy (that was soft and soggy), and we are making POPSICLES!"

It's not as hard as I thought to find gluten-free. Health Valley Corn Flakes are right there on the shelf."

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