Wednesday, March 9

GF French Bread Safari

Today I'm embarking on a little adventure. I'm exploring the jungle of new bread recipes. The daughter (the one Hong Kong bound) went to a gluten-free class in Provo, Utah, before she departed. She said that at the class, Kirsti and Betsy of were very entertaining and knowledgeable and she loved the french bread they baked.

So, That's my first destination.

I mixed up then set the dough to raise in my stoneware french bread pan for twenty minutes. When it reached the top of the pan, (not very deep) I baked it only 30 minutes at 350. A temperature gauge in the center came to 190 degrees F. I love the crust, but the dough didn't raise as much as I expected so it is denser and the yeast flavor was stronger, like sourdough. Next time I make it, I'll see if the variable is me or the recipe. I suspect me.

Meanwhile, I'm eating it slathered with butter and jam. Their garlic bread spread sounds delightful--as well as rhythmic. Parmesan cheese, butter, garlic, onion, italian seasoning. Yum.

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