Tuesday, October 20

Xanthan or Guar Gum? Like eating gold!

Xanthun or Guar? Today I'm wondering if it would be cheaper to sprinkle gold atop my food and leave it at that? I would compare this little container of xanthun gum to the price of the most exotic foods, but that is not fair! Xanthun is not cavier, nor is it truffles, it's not chocolate, it's not gourmet and it's not a choice. It is $30.00 per pound! Why do we put up with that?

We have to have gluten-free ingredients. These are not optional foods. It's time to speak for those of the poorest of us, who are scratch cooking, trying to scrape by on this ridiculously expensive diet. They have to have this ingredient!

It's essential and wouldn't you know, I used the last teaspoon cavalierly! So I'm on a hunt. I usually have hoards of baking items in my pantry supply, that I have trucked across the country when I'm visiting out West, but today I'm stuck without gum! None in the freezer, none in the deepest darkest reaches of the cupboard, so I'm jaunting about all over town in search of xanthun or better yet, the less expensive alternative, guar gum.

What is the difference? Which do I prefer? Well, I always go for the most effective, least expensive, so it's guar I'm really in search of (two-thirds less in price). I usually find it in the laxative department of my drug store (in large quantities, guar is a laxative).

But, when they find out that I need it--that it has become a necessity, I expect to watch it soar in price also. (I was told by Robin at HealthyMixes that she buys it for $13.00 per 50 lbs.)

Guar or xanthun, it's an IQ test. See the article below:

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