Tuesday, October 13

Gluten-free? Sure you are.

"One percent of American's must follow a gluten-free diet, but 13% of Americans profess some interest in being gluten free." This article quotes a study from WA that warns the baking business community, not to jump overboard to ride this gluten free wave, 'cause when it finally crashes, it'll be a spectacular wipe-out!

I'm perfectly willing (as one of those must-follows) to ride that wave, but I can foresee (I'm gifted!) the consequences. In the near future, the glut will end and the ensuing famine might leave those of us who are "must-follows" going without.

Unfortunately, to double the trouble, the world is rapidly moving from the "huh?" stage of ignorance of CD to the "sure you do" phase of cynicism of the disease.

I saw that coming too... (I should channel in my spare time.) The level of ignorance could not but boomerang with some force as it swung from bare knowledge to the consequences of adulation and fame. (Remember Atkins?)

So, prepare yourself with knowledge. Get ready answers to pertinent questions and pick a glib, succinct answer. This is my friend's quick and easy response to the query of "You are on the gluten free diet too?"

"Yup, have to. It makes me feel better."

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