Thursday, July 16

Bob's Hearty Whole Grain

Bob's GF Hearty Whole Grain Bread Review YUM!
A gift from a friend--I will forever love people who spy gluten-free on the package and purchase as a gift to me. These are indeed dear and treasured friends.

This bread was easy to make, add yeast and wet ingredients, beat 15 minutes and spread into loaf pans. I must not have a large loaf pan, mine must be considered a medium (5 1/2" wide, 9 1/2" long, 3 inches deep) because I had to use it and a second smaller one filled half-way.

Then I did as the package instructed (a first) and let the loaves raise until dough reached the top of the pan (in a warmed oven 10 minutes). I baked it exactly the time (50 minutes). Then removed from the pan to cool.

The small loaf didn't get to cool as the children were home and recently freed from the limitations of wisdom teeth extraction protocol. (solids are now okay). The teens loved it, but as I mentioned, they were starving.

The texture is very earthy, somewhat dense, and whole seeds abound in the mix. I could taste something of rye, turned out to be caroway seeds.

We're currently residing in the country and eating this was reminiscent of Grandma mixing up and baking a loaf on the hot coal oven. The daughter said she thought it should be served with home-ground chunky peanut butter and homemade jam to be perfect.

The loaf is a winner for me and I liked it even more the second day. If I can't replicate it satisfactorily, (you know me, the consumate adventurer) I will definitely buy the mix again.

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