Monday, May 18

Flu Phew!

I expect any day now to get back into the groove and starting cooking again. Meanwhile we have been subsistence eating.

The flu hit the entire family, except the husband who sequestered himself to the west wing. The eldest son caught the gomboo and had to have IV's to get the liquids back into the body. When he searched out a five course meal for breakfast this morning, I knew we were back in the groove.

It's not been fun, but we're out of the rut now. There is really no way to tell how deep one was in until you're out and looking back at the whole! I'm ready to again rejoin the human race.



Terina, I am sorry to hear you have all been sick. Hope everyone gets feeling better soon.

Terina said...

We're good--with an IV infusion for the oldest... Kicked our butts. Thanks for noticing though.