Monday, June 20

Autism and CD

Yesterday, at celiac group they said celiac manifests so many weird ways. I've been reading Donna Korn's book Dealing with Children and Celiac. She quotes, "I'm convinced many cases of ADD in the nation can be attributed to undiagnosed celiac disease." My friend has a friend, Susan H., a child psychologist who has a child with autism. She can tell immediately when he gets gluten by his behavior. So I'm adding it all together still .

Thinking back at my oldest's attention perpetual problems, I'm beginning to see a pattern. Since birth the child has given clues and hints. He's always been allergic to something, remember the perpetual green nose? He goes on the diet when his stomach hurts too much to handle any more. So he's managing anyway. (2009 update, positive in genetic test and stool test).

The youngest went to school yesterday and there was a substitute. He ate a rice krispy treat, a big "Really big, Mom, not just one of those puny ones,". Last night he drove everyone insane at TKD, had disciplinary pushups over and over, he couldn't even stay in his chair for supper. His school teacher says she sees a big difference in his behavior when he's not on the diet.

The final straw that puts the youngest in the "group" is the comment from the lady at the celiac class last night. The gold standard isn't the tests, it's the kid. If he responds well to the diet, that is the gold standard.


Just talked to my friend the child psychologist with the Autistic child who is gluten intolerant.

She recommends finding a DAN (defeat autism now) doctor (MD) for testing of pica problems, aspergers and ADD symptoms. Her son had heavy metals in his body and yeast and was deficient in B12. She says aside from the GF diet she supplements and see huge differences in her kids. Her boy is no longer classified as autistic, but has asperger symptoms and her daughter is 100% different with essential fatty acids added to her diet--from flaky, flighty back to A's. ,

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