Saturday, February 7

Almond Meal Recipes

I love almond flour!

I first used almond meal in a recipe I was trying for a flourless crust. It was a cookie crust to be covered with pudding and cream cheese and whipping cream. When my first crust made of plain rice flour (grainy and crunchy) failed, I dragged out the almond meal that was languishing in the freezer and threw it in with butter and sugar and it was delicious.

Almond Crust

1 cup almond meal, 3 TBS butter, 1/3 cup sugar. Blend together and pat into a pie pan. Bake 10 minutes and then cool and then fill crust with your favorite delicious filling.

GF Almond Cookies I have a delicious one of these and I will find it I promise--soon.

But how could any crust go wrong under all that?

Truly, almond flour (meal) really makes a light flaky delicious crust. It's a great flour for cookie crusts in pies, cheese cakes, and I really thinkg that it would be a great addition to a graham-like cracker.

I use almond meal daily as part of my 8 flour mix.

Here are some websites to view:
Gluten free heaven has a wonderful almond muffin GF/CF

You can grind your own almond meal/flour. I tried to use my blender. It's a K-Tec-"Will-it-Blend" (see You-Tube) and baby, will it blend. It blends almonds into butter before I know it, so I tried to grind almonds with rice in my spice grinder and that didn't work and then someone recommended that I use a food processor, and that works great. It grinds to just the right consistency.

Almond Poppy Seed Muffin Mix
See my recipe for these.  They are delicious.

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