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Checked and modified again
 Don't trust anything two years old!!! DUH!

To start, AVOID WHEAT, RYE, BARLEY and OATMEAL in everything.
Also avoid any other allergies you have already (for now).
Avoid common additives of malt and wheat starch.

re-categorized from a CSA support group website.

See: and

All vegetables- keep a relish tray and dressings for dipping. All dressings now state on the label if they contain wheat. Many say gluten-free now.

Most dairy - Milk is g/f

Cheddar Cheese(s) (check label)
Viva Cottage Cheese
Velveeta Cheese (Kraft swears all gluten will be marked on the labels)
Viva Cottage Cheese
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Butter Buds

All meats - fresh, like from the butcher, not marinated or coated or injected or processed.

Butterball Turkey
Hormel Pepperoni & Canadian Bacon
Hormel Vienna Sausage
Hormel Canned Chuck Meats
Hormel Fully Cooked Entrees Beef Roast
Au Jus & Pork Au Jus only
Boars’ Head Hickory Smoked Chicken Breast
Oscar Meyer Lunch meats (all hot dogs)
Ball Park Hot Dogs (except corn dogs)
Jennie-O Turkey Breast
Jennie-O Turkey (for Thanksgiving)
Delimex Taquitos
Tyson Chicken Tenders
Hormel Bacon Bits and Pieces
Hillshire Farm Bacon
Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage (except Fresh Beerwurst & Cheddarwurst)
Little Sizzlers Sausage Links & Patties
Always Tender Homestyle Potroast & Peppercorn Pot Roast
Cure 81 Ham (bone-in, boneless, & old-fashioned spiral)
Johnsonville Sausage Beef Snack Stix

All fresh fruit - I can't think of any fruit with gluten in it. Canned fruit maybe... but I doubt it.

Dole dried fruit
Apple sauce (Musslemans & most brands)
Del Monte Canned and jarred fruits
Minute Maid Fruit Drinks
Skippy Peanut Butter
Jiff Peanut Butter
Smucker’s Jams Jellies, Marmalades, Preserves
Hershey’s chocolate syrup
Ice Cream (watch label--they add wheat, go figure) (and NO MALT SHAKES)

Tortilla corn chips (most-but check label--some flavors have wheat!)
Pace Picante Sauce and Salsa (check label on salsas for wheat, some say GF)
Nut Thins by Blue Diamond
Brown Rice Snaps (Edward & Sons brand)
Glutino's Cookies absolutely the best and most like regular food, but exxxxpennnsive!
Kinniknikikinninii (or some such) cookies from Canada
Mydel Cookies (gluten free type)
EnerG Crackers & Pretzels

Many candies: Check the label for malt, wheat starch, modified food starch (wheat)
Butterfingers and Baby Ruth
Reeces Peanut Butter Cups
Almond Joy
Jelly Bellys (not buttered toast)
Campfire marshmallows
Tootsie Rolls
M&M’s not crispy

Hunt’s Snack Pack Puddings (all are okay, except cookie added)
Jello Brand Puddings; Gelatin
Warning:  Walmart Sugar Free Gelatin's CHECK LABEL some have wheat.

Guittard chocolates
Kelloggs Fruit Snacks (many other brands are GF)

Eggs – boiled make a good snack, fried makes a good breakfast, in a casserole makes good dinner

Rice, Corn, Strawberry, Chocolate and Honey Nut CHEX (General Mills) will be your best friend!!
Kix and more!
Health Valley Corn & Rice Crunch-Ums
Fruity Pebbles (watch for malt)
Nabisco Cream of Rice (bland)
Trix-Cocoa Pebbles, (check label)

Act II microwave popcorn (all)
Potato Chips (some flavor with wheat)
Lays Stax

Most Fresh Fish -
including Starkist Tuna (except Lunch-to-Go kits)

Quick Cook foods: 
Bean and Wienies - check the label for fillers
Ortega Refried Beans
Dinty Moore Beef Stew
Progresso Cream of Mushroom Soup, Clam Chowder Soup and several others (check label)
Hunts Spagetti Sauce
Prego Traditional Pasta Sauce

Thai Kitchen Stir-Fry noodles w/Sauce
(original Pad Thai, w/ chili and Thai Peanut have wheat) check the label
Hormel Tamales (Beef & Chicken)
Hormel Chili with Beans (not meat only)
Bush’s Baked Beans
(Except Chili Beans & Chili Magics)
Campbells Healthy Request RTC
(RTC Hearty country vegetable)
Giant Food frozen broccoli in cheese sauce

Del Monte canned tomatoes & tomato products (except spaghetti sauce flavored with meat. AVOID TVP or HYDROLIZED VEGETABLE PROTEIN on the LABEL)

FAST FOOD: For comprehensive lists see
Always call ahead to be safe: ask about gluten-free options AND cross-contamination.

Wendy’s chili, baked potato and frosty, southwest salad, (WENDYS has a nutrition label on the wall with wheat marked on it!!!) and they'll make you any burger or sandwich without the bun. Sweethearts.

McDonald’s French Fries (should be a dedicated fryer, but is too complicated legally to certify as GF, so I eat them anyway.) I have never had a reaction, but McDonalds sees liability everywhere, so See this link for proof that they aren't GF.

DO NOT GO TO APPLEBYS (Many franchises inject meat with wheat.)
Outback will make you happy with their GF menu.
Spaghetti Factory has GF noodles now.
Carrabas has a GF menu
Jason's Deli has a GF menu (and GF bread for sandwiches!)
Los Hermanos has a GF menu (except you need to get your waiter in a strangle hold and pound into their head: do NOT give me THE SPANISH RICE or the NORMAL BEANS!)
Guru's (in Provo on Center) has a GF menu
CiCi's is trying to make a GF pizza crust. (call them and complain)
Domino's has a GF crust
Pier 49 has a "GF" crust (not really, don't go there)
CHILI's has a GF menu now.
Costa Vida does everything gluten-free except the wheat tortilla, and they are careful about cross contamination.
Pizza Pie Cafe does GF pizza and pasta for just $2 more than the normal buffet, also very careful.
Almost every Thai and Indian restaurant will have several safe (if not an entire menu full of safe) dishes.

Mrs. Dash
Pace Enchilada Sauce
Walmart Great Value Red Sauce (see label)
Heintz Ketchup
Heintz EZ Marinader Teriyaki
Herb-Ox bouillion (beef, chicken, vegetable)
Swanson vegetable broth
Cattleman’s Barbecue Sauces
Miracle Whip
Hellman’s Mayonaise (Best Foods)
Valasic Pickles
French’s mustard
Hellman’s Tarter Sauce
French’s Worchestershire Sauce
Hellman’s dipping sauce
McCormick extracts & some packet mixes
Trappey’s Hot Sauces (all)

Carnation instant breakfast
(except Classic Chocolate Malt)
Cremora Non-Dairy Coffee Creamers
Folgers Coffee (all)
Carnation Hot Cocoa
Juicy Juice
Nestea Ice Tea
Stephens Gourmet Hot Cocoa (at Target)

There are many options here that you will not choose when you have been on the diet more than a month or so and are becoming healthier.  But having a list when I was first diagnosed really made life easier.

AS ALWAYS, check labels, recipes do change, and HAPPY EATING.


ang said...


have you used Progresso Creamy Mushroom soup to cook with? Does it turn out like Campbell's?

Angelina Atkinson

Anonymous said...

I didn't see it on your list but I have read that Reese' cups are ok to eat... Is that correct?

jenn said...

I'm afraid that McDonalds french fries contain wheat as an ingredient (not just a cross contamination issue). Here is the link to the website:

Terina said...

Yes, Jenn, there is a huge battle in the celiac community about wheat and McDonalds. The DC community blog DC Celiacs are always up in arms about it. The newest thing is Wheat starch shows up testing at under 50 ppm (parts per million) and most celiac docs approve this amount. So, I'm eating them.

Anonymous said...

Most Reese's peanut butter cups are fine, but watch the special holiday shaped ones. I've seen those with questionable ingredients.

Anonymous said...

As a new Celiac, I have been in mourning many of my favorite foods. Thanks to this list I can still enjoy many of them.

Anonymous said...

My 5 year old daughter has celiac disease. I saw that you have fritos and cheetos on your gf list. On their web site they show that the cross contamination an issue. But the lays stax is made in mexico and state that they are gluten free. Thanks for starting this list I am trying to get organized too!

Terina Dee said...

Sorry about the snack list. I eat less of these processed foods now that I'm five years into the diet, but in the beginning, I was desperate for snack foods. Unfortunately breakfast, lunch and dinner were fritos, cheetos and candy bars. I wasn't as concerned with contamination as I was starving to death!

Anonymous said...

I have just recently been diagnosed with celiac and I have found that Boston Pizza offers their pizza gluten free and MOST VH sauces are gluten free as well just a few have barley extract. I am from Canada and Im not sure if this will help you... Thank you for all the great ideas and an extensive list of all the foods we can still eat!!

Anonymous said...

I was told modified corn starch is as bad as modified food starch. Hunts pudding snacks have the modified corn starch in them, therefore it is my concern they are on the list as gluten free.

Terina Dee said...

Thanks for the question, modified food starch is okay as long as it's not foreign made. See the following article. Good eating!

Terina Dee said...

Here is a list of all of Hunts gluten-free foods--Thank goodness pudding is on the list. But I still prefer to make my own unless I'm traveling.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to respond about fruit being gluten free. Not entirely sure but was told recently that the sprays used on some raw fruits and veggies could have gluten and that wax like that wax found on apples can have gluten in it. Just wanted to share... but like I said ive done no real research myself.

Anonymous said...'s actually spelled "Kinnickinnick" and they're located in Edmonton, Alberta. Well worth checking out (especially their new fresh bread and baguettes).

Anonymous said...

It's on her list....thank god lol

Anonymous said...

can you freeze gf cheese sauce

Terina Dee said...

Hi, I don't know which cheese sauce, whether homemade or processed. My recent luck with sour cream and whipping cream is no. Most will separate and coagulate, but some manufactured and processed will respond better to freezing.

Just curious, why are you freezing it?

Anonymous said...

Velveeta cheese need to be taken off this list. Says right on the package CONTAINS WHEAT...

Anonymous said...

I checked recently and actually Vienna sausages still aren't gluten free.

Dia Darcey said...

We'll check again on Velveeta and Vienna sausages, thanks for keeping us current!

Terina Dee said...

Thanks everyone for reviewing this list and trying to keep everyone updated. I still can't believe how many people get on here and use this old list and it's important for those of us who have new info to post. WE APPRECIATE YOU!

From Hormel's site in 2009, sausage is Gf. However, use Libby's if you have conflicting advice.

Anonymous said...

im significantly new to this whole gluten free diet, this list has helped out alot with my own product research. though i am gluten and dairy free, this has helped narrow my list down... thank you to those who put these info sites up!!

Anonymous said...

General Foods International Coffee "Cafe Au Lait" is, according to their own site, and based on lengthy personal experience, 100% gluten free. Check the General Foods site for other flavors, but I believe they are all gluten free. I have also had no problem with Dove Dark Chocolate ice cream bars, which is great as they are my one and only special treat! Also, Armour Corned Beef Hash is 100% gluten free according to the Armour site and personal experience. Tillamook Cheddar Cheese is GF according to their website and personal experience. Ore-ida Tater Tots are supposed to be GF but have made me very sick on two occasions, which is very sad.
Thanks, Alice

Anonymous said...

I just discovered Cheez Whiz is most definitely NOT gluten free, made me sick for days. I should have known considering how heavily processed it is. I'm new to this so still learning but it only takes me getting sick once to try and be more careful.

Terina Dee said...

Thanks for your input on Cheez Whiz. Kraft has promised to label all products, and their site does not list a gluten ingredient for Whiz, and like you, it does make me sick--not from gluten. I know that the processing of dairy products will make new sufferers sick! Most guts need at least a year to heal--sometimes more. Sorry, hope you feel better soon.

Jeanine said...

Thank you for posting this. My husband is having issues with gluten and having a list like this does help. We are right now doing it by trial and error seeing what bothers him and what doesn't.

Anonymous said...

In addition to all the Chex flavors listed, they also have vanilla which is gluten-free! Thanks so much for this list. I am newly diagnosed with Celiac and am feeling very discouraged. This definitely helps!!

Anonymous said...

In addition to all the Chex flavors listed, they also have vanilla which is gluten-free! Thanks so much for this list. I am newly diagnosed with Celiac and am feeling very discouraged. This definitely helps!!

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me if a non-fat iced mocah from McDonald's is gluten free without the dizzle on top I really want to know

Anonymous said...

Skittles and smarties are gluten free also.

Anonymous said...

Chex now makes GF certified oatmeal!!!! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed two years ago and still coming across "questionable" items. Although you list Vienna sausage as gluten-free (and Amrour & Libby both state this on their respective websites as well), I'm still leery. They're packed in chicken broth, which often contains gluten. BTW, Imagine Foods chicken, beef and vegetable broth and stock are gluten-free.

Ariel Dorsey said...

Yes they do and it's really good

Anonymous said...

Thank you for putting this list together. It is very much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hello chex says its gluten free but when I tried the regular kind I felt instantly sick :( im so confused! Plz help. Im STARVING !!! Also I would love to eat hormel chili, what kinds can I eat?

yourebooks said...

Very nice blog


Anonymous said...

Thanks for share the info. Im newly diagnosed with celiac im still trying to figure this stuff out.

Debbie said...

I just looked at the label before buying Sugar Free Walmart Lime Gelatin and it listed wheat on the allergen label.

no le said...

Too much to eat all, Very great information

Patrick Boghmans said...

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John said...

Hello Gluten-free friends. I have a question for you all. I have been diagnosed with Celiac about a year and a half ago. I do not suffer from any digestive issues but my skin takes a beating. I can only explain it like this. I layed naked in a wet grassy field for a few days and mosquitoes bit me EVERYWHERE! I mean everywhere! Then i itch for a few days to a few months. Yes I said months. It’s called Dermatitis Herpetiformis. Right now I have been itching and have sores/scabs (small) like mosquito size since November and it is now February. I think I am super sensitive because if I eat anything or even take a pill or use a shampoo with Gluten in it. The itch timer starts all over. I wish there was a solution to stop the itch. Nothing works! Please help anyone. I grind my teeth from the itch. Headaches sometimes because of the irritation of the itch. Oh please anyone it’s 2018 can’t there be something to help? #glutenhell