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Gluten-free bread baking takes practice--PARTICULARLY if you were a good glutened bread baker.

Throw out all the rules, no double rising, no kneading, and the traditional consistency. All the things that make a good loaf of typical bread, make BAD gf bread.    There are a lot of great tips online, but here are mine for the bread I bake once or twice weekly.

PHOTOs and TIPS  Quick and dirty bread - turns out for me, really.

Bette Hagman's Bread Recipe (I use for our church sacrament/communion bread)

Bette Hagman's Bread Recipe using my Wholegrain flour mix, lasts longer, is healthier, overall yummiest.

Store bought bread mix recommendation  Gluten Free Pantry

If your bread is not rising (give it almost an hour to rise):

PROOF The YEAST: **Use proofing process to “prove” that your yeast is still active.
In a separate medium bowl, stir together the active dry yeast and one teaspoon of sugar and 1/4 cup of the warmed water. The yeast should be foamy and active after 5 min! If not, start over with another packet of yeast.

TRY A SPONGE PROCESS when making whole grain breads--sponge to improve texture.  Sponging means to add only half the flour to the wet ingredients and let the dough rest and "raise" for 10 minutes.  This encourages the yeast to grow without as much bulk (flour) to work through.

THEN add salt to the flour mix-- do not forget to add the salt after the sponging process. 

 Add dough enhancer if you have it.  Amazon sells G-F enhancer, Barry Food, Authentic Foods, I use Kitchen Resource purchased through Bosch dealers. Dough enhancer has acid, yeast, salt, starch, citamin c and whey.  It works to help the dough form uniform bubbles for structure, preserves it so it freezes better, it's just great stuff.Dough Enhancer

Then add the rest of the flour blending thoroughly. Slowly add the remaining water (should still be warm) to achieve the right consistency in your batter. The dough should be like a stiff quick bread batter. 

Beat on high 5 minutes to incorporate air into the mixture, then spoon dough to about 3/4 full) in a prepped pans and set to rise until it reaches the top of the pan. Bake the bread for 40 minutes at 350 degrees, covering if necessary with foil if the top browns too quickly.


Modified from GLUTEN FREE Mommy

My DIRECTIONS and modificafions for this recipe:
I sprayed the bottom of two pans, one 9x5 and a small 3x5 inch pans. I judge the size of pans by never filling the pans more than two-thirds full with dough. This batch filled both pans.

GF Mommy recommends baking to a temperature test of 190 degrees for a perfect loaf and she’s right!
Tip out onto paper towel to cool.

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